WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing extension

Incompatibility between WooCommerce Dynamic Princing and WPML

For now, if you use Dynamic Pricing in conjunction with WPML String Translation, Dynamic Pricing stop working.

I say for now, because until today neither of these plugins developers (WooCommerce, or WPML respectively) have provided a solution to this serious conflict of incompatibility between the two programs. It is assumed that one day they find a gap in his busy schedule to fix the problem, but in the meantime simply can not be used together.

As is known, WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing is a plugin that provides a system for creating different types of bulk discounts and price adjustments, also a great tool that we use on our website, however working with WPML String translation automatically cease to apply discounts.

The last information from WooCommerce is: “Sorry for the long delay however the developer does not fully understand what WPML is needing for this to work. Please note that WPML is not our product and conflicts like this is not uncommon.” then they have closed the topic and respond me with this one, also ask my opinion about the service I received —but I think it’d better not tell—: “Hello Gerardo Garcia. We’d love to hear what you think of our customer service. Please take a moment to answer one simple question by clicking either link below: How would you rate the support you received?“.

The truth is that this situation is rather unfortunate but this is what you have, so while they do not want or do not have time to find a solution maybe interested go to Code Canyon and try to browse through the different alternatives for the implementation of discounts or translation, or other things, of course much cheaper.

Stay pending for what’s new.